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Our services meet the various IT needs of retail, hospitality and small businesses. Comprehensive and competent on-site technical assistance helps clients extract maximum business value from their technology equipment through smooth operations and informed use of IT assets.

Complete Rollout Management

Without proper planning and organization, a rollout project can turn nightmarish and investment can erode quickly. A structured process administered and overseen by technically competent individuals with a project management background can build a solid foundation when the project is in its early stages. The technicians in our network:

Provide complete rollout management, proficiently handling the supply, installation and integration of various IT components based on an analysis of your IT landscape and a comprehensive implementation plan at various stages of the project.
Document the hardware, software, configuration, installation and required training, to ensure the success of your project. Cooperate and coordinate with your team, sharing information across your organization.

Point-of-sale equipment servicing

Our POS manufacturer partners rely on our on-demand field technicians to get their equipment installed and serviced in a timely manner, while keeping costs low and managing manpower resources more efficiently. When a certain merchant equipment breaks down or fails in the field, there are two questions that need answering. One, how big, small or negligible will be the resultant loss of sales from business interruption.

Second, how soon can the failing equipment be repaired or is replacement the only viable solution? We provide all the field support you need to make judicious decisions about your expensive, mission-critical equipment. Our point-of-sale services include installation, repair and maintenance of POS terminals, servers, kiosks, barcode scanners, receipt printers and other POS equipment at retail, hospitality and petroleum locations. With a vast, nationwide network of field service technicians, we're able to manage all service calls effectively without rushing through a job, and work patiently with every client to make appropriate service call recommendations.

Small business IT requirements

Consider us your one-stop source to integrate high-value business equipment into your operations in a flawless and time-bound manner. Among the various service tasks we can accomplish are:

Handling all on-site installation, repair, maintenance and testing
Inspecting assembled equipment to ensure correct installation
Inspecting operating parts to validate proper operation within expected tolerances
Determining the equipment and tools needed to perform the scope of the job
Troubleshooting and tuning equipment for proper operation


Businesses depend on network infrastructure to carry out all aspects of daily operations. A solid network is integral to communicating effectively with clients and fulfilling customer orders.

Additionally, if you have a website and a content marketing plan, a robust network is critical to customer-facing and social listening activities. Our network set-up and support services include cabling, firewalls and intrusion detection systems, router configuration, paneling and more. Our technicians ensure that system settings and configurations are programmed in accordance with your requirements. They also troubleshoot network problems and determine appropriate solutions. You can turn to us for any networking related issues that need immediate fixing, and benefit from agile and cost-effective solutions.

Server set-up and maintenance

Being the backbone of any organization, it is imperative that servers are installed and maintained properly. A secure and reliable server at the heart of every network provides peace of mind that the organization's computer network is operating smoothly.

If you don't have an in-house technical team, you are bound to face challenges with server installation. Sometimes, issues can arise after a server has been installed. Don't let daily operations suffer due to confusions or glitches in installation. Let knowledgeable technicians execute server set-up flawlessly.

Periodic preventive maintenance is the only reliable way to keep your server software updated and running smoothly. This is important to minimize the risk of complete or partial network failure. Some common server maintenance tasks include assessing the server's performance, investigating potential security gaps, ensuring that system monitoring tools are properly installed and configured, and backing up data at scheduled intervals. Our competitively priced server maintenance plans incorporate all the steps necessary to delivering a solid and optimally performing network.

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